Why Carpet?

Carpet is the easiest way to add comfort and coziness to your home. Families love the soft and luxurious touch carpet adds, not to mention the additional padding that increases its cushion.

Homeowners prefer carpet because it’s a cost effective flooring solution. It also insulates the house, resulting in additional cost savings on your monthly utility bill. It’s safe for kids and the latest carpets are more stain resistant than ever before. Carpet is also ideal for noise reduction, quieting the rambunctious playroom or the even rowdier media room during the big game.

For any home, for any style

If you've just purchased a new home or if you're looking to refresh your space, select from the abundant colors or textures to tie the room together. There are thousands of shades and patterns to choose from that add a personal touch to your home. The most common types of carpet include:

  • Loop carpet is perfect for heavy traffic areas and hiding dirt left behind. Carpet pile is looped and uncut, making it durable and a popular choice for common areas.
  • Frieze carpet, or twist carpet, is a modern take on shag carpet. It’s better at hiding traffic lines left by the vacuum or heavy walking and is perfect for busy homes. Frieze carpet is very soft and perfect for bedrooms or living spaces.
  • Textured carpet is more resistant to indentations left behind by heavy furniture. It’s also easier to wipe up dirt or liquid from textured carpet, making it more resistant to wear and tear. The uneven kinked fibers make this a great option for high traffic areas.
  • Patterned carpet adds texture to any room with its high pile and low loops. A resilient choice for rooms with a lot of activity, patterned carpet comes in various colors and designs to complement any décor.
  • Plush carpet is the king of comfort. The cut pile is dense and deep for a smooth, even appearance. This is the most popular type of carpet used in residential spaces today.

From casual to formal, we have a carpet solution for every style. Ideal for living rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, experience the benefits of adding warmth and comfort to your home.

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