Easy care vinyl flooring in Wilmington

Vinyl or laminate flooring is one of the biggest trends in home flooring today. Its advanced performance and attractive design qualities make it an easy choice for any room. Typically resembling hardwood or tile, vinyl flooring is versatile and offers many benefits.

Fast and simple installation

Laminate is a great DIY flooring option. It’s easy to install with minimal tools, no grout, and no adhesive. Simply put down the underlayment and snap the pieces together. An entire room can be done in a day. The locking system forms a strong connection, keeping the vinyl in position and good condition for years to come.

Clean vinyl in a snap

Spills and stains are no matches for the easy-to-clean laminate. Designed with a wear layer, messes easily wipe away and clean up with a mild detergent. Vinyl floors also resist odors and allergens, making them a healthful choice for your home.

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The perfect choice for today’s homeowner

Vinyl floors can easily update the look of your home. Sometimes it’s even difficult to discern vinyl from real hardwoods. There are many benefits of adding vinyl flooring to your home, including the affordable price tag. It complements any style and can be used throughout the house.

  • Plank vinyl resembles hardwood but is more durable and less likely to fade or discolor. It comes in a variety of shades and stains.
  • Tile vinyl looks like stone tile and is laid in individual squares. Tile vinyl is great for high traffic, high activity areas.
  • Sheet vinyl is most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms or other high-moisture spaces. It comes in on 6’ or 12’ roll, reducing the number of seams in your flooring.

Enjoy the long-lasting value of vinyl flooring. One of the most attractive options on the market, it’s sure to be a timeless addition to your home.