Commercial flooring in Wilmington

Own a commercial space? You need top-performing flooring solutions that fit the needs of your business. With a superb selection in all categories, Owens Flooring is the right choice.

Commercial carpet

We’re experts in commercial carpet installation for retail stores, offices, churches, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. We understand your carpet must hold up to heavy traffic and spills, meet building code requirements, and be durable enough to last. That’s why Owens Flooring carries a variety of commercial options in our showroom and on special order.

Adding carpet to your commercial space has its perks. It offers added safety advantages because it is both slip-resistant and fire retardant. It’s also tougher than carpets installed in homes, making it durable and long-lasting. Plus, new technology has improved the look and feel of commercial carpet and broadened the colors and patterns on the market. We also feature LEED-approved products that are made with recycled materials and follow air quality standards.



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Commercial carpet tiles

Carpet tiles install in no time and are just as tough as traditional carpet rolls. Also called carpet squares or modular carpet, tiles are an easy DIY option for your commercial space. Also like traditional carpeting, simple maintenance is all that’s needed to keep them looking great. There are also numerous options that easily allow you to change the look of your space. Install for a total flooring solution or use in small spaces for a quick flooring option.

Commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is ideal for restaurants, stores, medical offices, and more. It’s a popular flooring material used in homes and it’s for those same reasons that it makes an ideal flooring solution for commercial spaces. Vinyl is water-resistant and low maintenance, which makes clean-up simple and keeps your repair costs low. It also comes in many different colors and textures, similar to the appearance of hardwood or tile. It also withstands heavy foot traffic and is slip-resistant.
Commercial in Wilmington, NC from Owens Flooring & Interiors

Rubber flooring

Traditionally used in gyms and hospitals, businesses are finding new uses for rubber flooring because of all the benefits. It is slip resistance, water-resistant, and much softer than tile, hardwood, or vinyl. It’s also made of recycled materials, making it good for the environment and more cost-effective. Rubber flooring also absorbs sound, so it’s a great solution for daycares, schools, or music studios. The best part: it’s nearly maintenance-free.