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A quality floor installation is necessary, no matter what type of flooring you choose or how many rooms into which it must be installed. This is the final process in your flooring experience and leaves you with a beautiful, functional space that will look good for years. And you can know all about it before you get started.

Professional installation teams are trained, experienced, and ready to provide you with the perfect flooring installation in Wilmington, NC. With the most modern tools and techniques for the job, the results are nothing short of perfect. Let’s find out more about this and what it means for you.

A floor installation based on your needs

Once you've chosen the perfect floor covering for your rooms, the next step is a professional installation. The process varies from material to material, with some taking longer, and other less time to complete. No matter which material you choose, we will discuss the entire process with you, as well as tips for what you can do to prepare for your upcoming installation.



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If you've chosen solid hardwood flooring, the installation process is a bit longer, especially if you select site-finished materials. This means that the stain and finish type are added in your home, instead of in the factory. In return for patience with the longer install, you'll get far more stain colors and finish types to choose from, for a look that is stunning once finished.

A material such as luxury vinyl flooring can reap excellent benefits, and also offers a quick and easy install. Your installers can place these materials over a variety of subfloor materials, and you can walk on your floors as soon as the installation is finished. The aesthetic and functional elements of these floors are easily accessible. If you'd like to find out more about the installation process of our other flooring materials, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

At Owens Flooring & Interiors, you'll find that we offer superior materials and all the services that go along with them at our Greensboro or Wilmington, NC showroom locations. We will cater to your needs for the entirety of your project for all your flooring in Wilmington, NC. If you're from the communities of Wilmington, NC, Silverlake, NC, Kings Grant, NC, Ogden, NC, and Eagle Island, NC, we invite you to bring your flooring project to us so that we can offer an excellent floor installation, no matter your specific requirements.